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Birth of Prof. Calamur Mahadevan`s Students And Admirers Association (MASAA)

It is after several decades that some of his students thought it apt to form an association in memory of their late `Guru`. In an endeavour to propagate the legacy, vision and knowledge of the late professor and to make the younger generation use the geological information and data-base created by him with the meager resources and technology available at that time, the association was launched , though late, after the Birth Centenary Celebrations of the professor on 6th May 2001 in Andhra University. Many of his students, friends and contemporaries participated in the centenary celebrations. Some of them are Prof. U. Aswathanarayana, Prof. B.R.Rao, Prof. R. Vaidyanadhan, Prof. K.V.Subba Rao, Prof. V.R.R.M. Babu, Prof. E.V.Gangadharam and Sri M.V.G.Subrahmanyam. these celebrations were followed by a 4-day International Symposium on “challenges of Water Management in the Developing Countries in the 21st Century”, a pet topic of Prof. Mahadevan.

The response from the celebrations prompted many of his students to do something more to propagate the desire of Mahadevan to see his students in top positions academically and to see the flag of Andhra University Geology department fly high.

As a consequence of this forethought, a meeting of Prof. Mahadevan`s students was organized in late 2001 at the instance of Sri M.V.G.Subrahmanyam (who attended the celebrations at Waltair), a student and an ardent devotee of the professor. Nearly 100 students of the professor attended the meeting which includes Sri K. Appavadhanulu, Dr. B.B.G.Sarma and Prof. T. Ramamohana Rao.

All those who attended the meeting appreciated the idea of forming an association and finalized the name of the association as “Prof. C. Mahadevan`s Students And Admirers Association (MASAA)”. Later another meeting was organized in late Sri M.V.G.Subrahmanyam`s house which was attended by Dr. B.B.G.Sarma, Sri K.Appavadhanulu, Dr. B.K.Rao, Prof. V. Malleswara Rao, Dr. p. Rama Rao, Sri C.N.Rao, (late) Sri Mangapathi Sarma, Sri k.D.Viswanadham, Dr. C. Anjaneya Sastry besides some more. After a series of such meetings , the bye-laws were framed and the association was registered under the Registrar of Societies, Andhra Pradesh in May 2002. The association has completed 13 years till now (Jan. 2016) .Several Executive Committes have run the organization and strove to uphold its objectives and to increase its scope . The core persons for all the progress of MASAA are late Sri M.V.G.Subrahmanyam, Sri K. Appavadhanulu and Dr. B.B.G.Sarma. The association has organized several lectures by eminent personalities in their respective fields, workshops ,Endowment & Memorial lectures besides the regular AGMs, Birthday Celebrations of Prof. Mahadevan , bringing out Geo-forum, an in-house newsletter of the association, etc.

The sudden demise of Sri M.V.G. Subrahmanyam in 2009 has dealt a severe blow and cast a shadow on the association as he was the pivotal person in seeing the light of the association. As a mark of respect to him, his family members came forward with a proposal to initiate annual memorial lectures in honor of late Sri Subrahmanyam and donated an amount of Rs. 20000/- towards these lectures. Sri T.S.Rao, Sri S.V. Satyanarayana, Sri K.N.Rao and Dr. B.B.G.Sarma delivered these lectures so far.

During the AGMs/Foundation Day and birthday celebrations of Prof. Mahadevan, invited talks, felicitations to octogenarian members of the association and release of Geo-forum are programmed in addition to the regular business meeting(s).
C. Mahadevan Endowment Lectures

These endowment lectures were initiated in the 2008 jointly by Prof. U. Aswathanarayana and Prof. Mahadevan`s family members to be held once in 2 years at the time of either the Birthday Celebrations of the professor or the AGM/Foundation Day of the association by an eminent person chosen for his/her contribution in the advancement of Geosciences & Groundwater Geology or Geology in the service to society. The following have delivered these endowment lectures so far.

Prof. T. Ramamohana Rao “Some aspects of the continental 2011 Hyderabad
Retd.Prof. of Geology (AU) shelf on the East of India with
special reference to the Quaternary Sea level changes.

Sri S.D.Mukherjee Biodiversity conservation for 2012 Hyderabad
Sustained livelihood